Kama Sutra by Iraj ft. Romaine Willis & Kurupt [2021]

first off, I know if I didnt have you i’d be worse off (yeah)
We’re finally out of the friend zone, so don’t hesitate hit me up late at night when you’re friends gone

Im not gonna lie to you…
make me wanna try new thing I’ve never done
Baby when I slide thru…
show me another side you’ve never showed no one

Boy if I give these lonely nights to you
gotta promise you’ll show me something new
blow my mine, let me see what you can do
and when I come thru
Show me something brand new

(baby hit me with that new love, hit me with that new love
Something out the Kama sutra, cmon hit me with that new love)

I wanna see you switch it up, cause I done had enough of the same stuff
baby every single touch, got me getting louder you know and I’m outta control
I think you know what I need, Ima just follow your lead
No time for falling asleep, no time for falling asleep!

Boy i’m down to keep it sexy, If you let me I’ll try anything
Show me something Im not used to, kama sutra, (If i give you these lonely nights)